“An Introduction”

Maktaba-tul-bushra is a Multilingual International Islamic Publishing House. Produce most authentic Dars Nezami Publications and other Islamic publications in the light of the Qur’an and teaching of Rasuallah in all major International languages. To impart and impel the above mentioned sacred obligation, Maktaba-tul-bushra has been engaged from its very inception, in producing books on Islam in the Arabic, English, Urdu and different International and National languages. The main theme of these books is to present the fundamentals of Islam as explained by the most recognized Islamic scholars of the Muslim world.

“Our Goal”

Our main goal is to meet the needs of the global Muslim community by providing authentic Islamic material of high standards and great service. We pray to Allah to help us in this objective and accept our work.

“Our Services”

Maktaba-tul-bushra started its journey in 2001 as a small organization now it is proud to be a big service rendering organization. Research Division, from the very first day of its existence, is striving to uplift the Islamic Education standards globally. A separate department was established to conduct the research activities and develop material for the Islamic learners. Experts, researchers, writers, reviewers, illustrators and Scholars are the part of our core team this department is responsible for the review of Books for the development of innovative and interesting colorful books for the learners.

“Our Mission”

“Our Mission is to design, develop with authenticity on current publishing standards to boost interest amongst Students for the study and spreading the mission of Rasoulullah (Sallal Lahu Aliehe Wasallam) to the entire world. “


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